CCDO Cards

Certificate Of Competence For Demolition. To begin with, CCDO Labourer Card, CCDO Demolition And Refurbishment Red card, CCDO Black Card (CCDO Demolition Manager). The CCDO Gold Card Supervisor (CCDO Demolition Supervisor), CCDO Demolition Chargehand, CCDO Topman Card. CCDO Demolition Apprentice (TRAILBLAZER), CCDO Green Card (CCDO Labourer Card) is the first step in a Demolition qualification. CCDO Approved Trainer Card enables you to deliver NDTG-approved training and testing for the demolition sector.


Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme. The CISRS Scaffolding Labourer Card is aimed at operatives who carry out onsite labouring/driving duties in support of scaffolding operations. Furthermore, CISRS Labourer Card is valid for 5 years. CISRS Scaffolding Supervisor Card, to meet the demands of today’s scaffolding industry; CISRS provides Supervisor/ Manager training.

Moreover, CISRS Advanced Scaffold Inspection Card, the 2-day Advanced Scaffold Inspection training covers both basic and more complex scaffolding structures. In addition, CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Card, CISRS Scaffolder System Card. CISRS Advanced Scaffolder Card, Operatives must be in possession of a CISRS Scaffolder (Tube & Fitting) Card for at least 12 months before they can attend an Advanced Scaffolder Training Course.

CISRS Scaffolder Tube & Fitting Card, Upon successful completion of CISRS Part 1, CISRS Part 2, VQ2/SCQF5, CISRS 1 Day Skills Test & CITB HS&E Test (or accepted exemption) an operative can apply for the CISRS Scaffolder Card. The CISRS BASE Card Course provides accredited training for non-scaffolders. They erect, alter and dismantle very basic and routine scaffolding structures using a specific system scaffold product.

The CISRS Trainee Scaffolder Card. It is available to operatives who are undertaking the CISRS training required for a CISRS Scaffolder Card.



The Construction Plant Competence Scheme. The CPCS Red Card Trained Operator is issued on successful completion of the CPCS Theory and Practical Technical Tests taken with a CPCS-accredited test centre.  Also, CPCS Blue Card Competent Operator shows employers that you are competent to operate a particular type of plant.



Construction Skills Certification Scheme. The CSCS Blue Card (Skilled Worker), Blue CSCS Card As you may have seen from our “Menu Types” article. Or the “How to Get a Green Card” article, you don’t need to have cards to work on-site at all.

This CSCS Gold Card is available for supervisor and technical occupations subject to the achievement of:

  • Construction Related Supervisory/Technical NVQ or SVQ Level 3 or 4. citb cscs card
  • Occupational Work Supervision NVQ or SVQ Level 3 (including proof of endorsed occupation). CSCS Green Card

CSCS black card is the manager-level card in the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. The CSCS Green Card (Labourer card) is specifically for people carrying out labouring duties. This card is valid for five years.

More so, ECS Cards

Electrotechnical Certification Scheme. ECS Black Card (Electrical Managers Card) you will need to meet both Technical and Health & Safety qualification requirements plus hold an ECS HS&E assessment. To add, ECS Gold Card. The ECS Digital Support card is designed for those applying digital technologies across organisations in a number of areas. Such as digital communications, network systems, software and digital applications at a Level 3 and above industry standard.

ECS Installation Electrician Card is for Level 3 competency based (NVQ) skilled individuals who work unsupervised on the installation, commissioning and maintenance of low voltage electrical and electronic equipment and appliances in a consumer’s electrical installation.

Too, ECS Datacomms Specialist Card is for people who are qualified to the industry recognised level 3 qualification. They are installing and maintaining structured cabling systems for datacomms systems. The ECS Telecommunications Fitter card is designed for skilled operatives who carry out the installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of communication equipment.

ECS Sound & Light Engineer Card recognises the membership requirements for the ISCVE (Institute of Sound, Communications and Visual Engineers). Emergency & Security Systems Installer Card: The ECS Fire, Emergency, and Security Systems (FESS) Systems Operative card are for people working in the FESS industry as specialist installers or maintainers of FESS systems.

Fire And Security Systems Technician: There are four FESS pathways (Fire, Fire & Emergency Lighting, Fire & Security, or Security) each with its own assessment.


UK Plumbing, Heating, And Mechanical Engineering Service. PMES Manager Black Card. PMES Supervisor gold card is for applicants who can provide evidence of having completed an appropriate Level 3 or Level 4 PMES related N/SVQ or equivalent qualification.

Labourer / Plumber’s Mate Green Card, Gas Operative Blue Card. Gas Service Engineer Gold Card. Gas Service Engineer Blue Card Eligibility: Issued to those who have achieved Level 2 NVQ/SVQ qualifications or equivalent qualification in Gas Installation & Maintenance.

Mechanical Pipefitter Gold Card is valid for up to 5 years. Mechanical Pipefitter Blue Cardis valid for up to 5 years. The Heating Fitter Gold Card is issued to those who have achieved appropriate Level 3 NVQ/SVQ; Level 3 NVQ Diploma or equivalent qualifications in Domestic Heating or Heating & Ventilating.

Likewise, Heating Fitter Blue Card is issued to those who have achieved appropriate Level 2 NVQ/SVQ. Level 2 NVQ Diploma or equivalent qualifications in Domestic Heating or Heating & Ventilating.

JIB-PMES Plumber Gold Card is valid for 5 years and is issued to those who have achieved Level 3 NVQ/SVQ or Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Plumbing or an equivalent qualification. Too, JIB PMES Blue Card (Plumber Blue Card) is issued to those who have achieved Level 2 NVQ/SVQ or Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Plumbing or an equivalent qualification (i.e. City and Guilds Craft Certificate).

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