PMES Supervisor Gold Card




PMES Supervisor Gold Card

PMES Supervisor gold card is for applicants who can provide evidence of having completed an appropriate Level 3 or Level 4 PMES related N/SVQ or equivalent qualification (for more detail of what is acceptable, please check the PMES Supervisor application form).

Where applicants have completed a ‘generic’ Level 3 supervisory qualification, e.g.:

  • L3 N/SVQ Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision
  • L3 N/SVQ in Construction Site Supervision

This must also be accompanied by a recognised L2 or L3 PMES related N/SVQ or equivalent qualification.

All applications must be accompanied by an employer endorsement which confirms that the applicant is working in a PMES supervisory role in accordance with the PMES supervisory criteria as specified in the application form.

All applicants must also provide evidence of having passed one of the following:

  • CITB Supervisory HSE test;
  • CITB Managers and Professionals test;
  • CITB SSSTS or SMSTS course;
  • CCNSG ‘Leading a Team Safely’ course;
  • IOSH ‘Managing Safely’ course*.

JIB-PMES CSCS Supervisor Gold Card

No other H&S test exceptions or ‘equivalent’ tests or qualifications will be accepted.

*If the IOSH ‘Managing Safely’ course is being used as evidence of having met the H&S test requirement for the card, the completion date on the certificate must be within two years of the card application date. Cards which are supported by the IOSH ‘Managing Safely’ course will be valid for a maximum of 3 years.


Supervisor gold cards are originally from Industry Accreditation and is renewable. However, all Supervisor cards renewed after 30th October 2020 will have an expiry date of no later than 31st December 2024 – regardless of when the H&S test validity expires. After this time, anyone wishing to renew a Supervisor gold card will have to meet the qualification requirements detailed above.


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