ECS | ECS Card

ECS Cards, Electrotechnical Certification Scheme.

The Electrical Labourer ECS card is for people working in the electrical industry in a supportive role to assist electricians and other qualified staff with the installation of cables and other unskilled work, under supervision.

Also, they are to assist but not carry out any craft work that an electrician carries out. Ecs cards, ecs health and safety test, ecs card renewal, ecs card test.

ECS Managers Card | ECS Gold Card

A labourer has a specific job role within the JIB grading structure.

In some situations, this card may be issued if you cannot meet the qualification requirements of other cards such as Installation Electrician.

ECS Black Card | ECS Labourer Card

If you hold a Labourer card, you can upgrade to an ECS gold card once you have gained further qualifications.

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