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CCDO cards: Certificate Of Competence For Demolition. The CCDO Smart Card scheme offers a logical pathway from Apprentice to Manager. Exclusively issued by NDTG, the CCDO Smart Card scheme is respected industry-wide, independently recognized, and endorsed (green ccdo card).

Many major developers and local authorities who commission demolition projects demand a CCDO-carded workforce. NDTG makes quality CCDO training accessible for any demolition company operating in the UK today.

CCDO Labourer | CCDO Labourer Card

The white CCDO Approved Trainer card enables you to deliver NDTG approved training and testing for the demolition sector (blue ccdo card). An NDTG Approved Trainer must commit to upholding and maintaining the Professional Code of Conduct. Also, The full list will be given upon enquiry, but a brief overview can be seen in the NDTG Approved Trainer Duties.

CCDO Operatives | CCDO Black Card

Moreover, CCDO Demolition Operative The green CCDO Demolition Labourer Card is the first step in a Demolition qualification. Designed for individuals new to the industry or who are converting from labouring in general construction to Demolition.

The CCDO Demolition Labourer course teaches site safety, waste disposal and emergency procedures, enabling holders of the card to perform general labouring duties under supervision.

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